Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer 2012

 Summer 2012 has been quite busy. We started the summer with a visit from mama Su. We loved spending time with her and miss her already. Hayes fell in love with his Grandma for their first meeting.
 We played, shopped and took a trip to leggo land! Thanks mama SU!
 After weeks of camp Aunt Carrie, Henry, Hamilton, Ryder and I all piled in the car for the 7 1/2 drive to Evansville to see where the Greene's live. Obviously the cousins had a blast spending a whole weekend together. They can get a little silly. We LOVED seeing where they live now and can see how they fell in love with the place. We miss them every single day!

 Returning home right before July fourth and leaving again days later we decided to do nothing for the 4th. We did all get into our PJ's and head to see some fireworks but on the way home..both kids fell asleep on each other.

 July 7th was time to head to the beach for a week of mommy and kid vacation with the Jones' in Water Sound. The Courages, Lacy's & Smith's made the trip too. Hayes first time in the sand was a success.
 The boys found plently of hiding places around the house and we had great outings to Rosemary.

 Rebecca took on the daunting task of riding the bike with a hitch all the way there. The kids loved it but I think it wore her out. :)
 After too much sugar the kids were a little loopy at dinner. This is why you don't have sweets before dinner!

 First mini golf experience in PCB was a must and turns out, we are pretty good at it.
 Ryder has an obession with outdoor showers so naturally thats where we showered everyday.

 We seemed to have a pretty large rain storm almost everyday as soon as we got to the beach club but that didn't stop the kids from diving right into the pool.

 This summer Ryder also discovered a love for crab and insisted that we cook up some live crab. It was an experience that I chose to stay out of.

 Time to head to lake Rabun for Hunter's 2nd bday! The Shaw's brought along all the Lim's and the Clarks for an awsome weekend.
 It is a ritual at the lake that Ryder goes fishing with his Godfather before bedtime. It is one of his favorite things about the lake. and look, they caught a good one!

 We have also enjoyed time around town. We already hit Leggo Land, the Aquarium, and the piedmont park fountains so today we hit the Botanical Gardens. This place is always more fun and exciting that you think it will be. Plently of places to hide and slide and play peek a boo!

 Hayes has been really adventurous this summer. This is his first time in the Hopsa Dress. It will help teach him the sensation of using his feet, being upright and eventually using his legs to walk with a lot of support. It runs on a track and he loved stomping around on the giant floor piano.
 Although Sensations TheraFun is really a place for Hayes to have fun, Ryder loves it too. It is a perfect rainy day outing for both my boys!

 Last trip of the summer is 7 days in highlands and 3 days at lake Rabun. Scotty tagged along for 2 days in the mountains then we were on our own. Before he left, sweet Julia who takes care of the property brought by two of her horses for Ryder and Hayes to get on. We hope one day to have Hayes in Hippa Therapy (horse therapy) so this was a great first test.
 He seemed to love it!

 What else do you do in the Mountains but Hike, lay around,

 take mule rides
 build fires & build things from nature.

 While we had a blast in the Mountains we needed a few days at the lake to top off the week. Chilly mornings made for good outings. We headed straight to hillside farms. All of the animals were so loud that all the kids were a little nervous except Hayes. He thought this was the best and funniest place he had ever been. He could have sat by this Turkey all day long just laughing at how loud the Turkey was.

 now that summer is over its time for Fall sports - this year we are doing Soccer and Golf. First day of Soccer went well. Ryder is pretty good if he can keep the ball close instead of kicking it as hard as he possibly can.:) Can't wait for school, cool weather & fall festivals to start!!

How old is Ryder?

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

3 1/2 years old!

3 1/2 years old!
Weight at 31 months: 36 lbs, 38